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About Management & Science University

The Management & Science University (MSU) is one of Malaysia’s top universities and focuses mainly in the critical areas of studies that encompass medicine, health sciences, pharmacy, information sciences and engineering, business management and professional studies, education and social sciences, hospitality, and culinary and creative arts.

Management and Science University (MSU) began its first intake in 2002. Over those years plenty had happened that have transformed MSU into what it is today. The full university status conferred to us in October of 2007 is perhaps one of the most important developments that have been added to our list of recognitions. It was a status given entirely due to the merits achieved since our inception in 2001.

Our focus on the industry relevant courses and our sensitivity to current trends, have aided our graduates in their professional undertakings. MSU’s forte is in the areas of medicine, health and life sciences, nursing, pharmacy, business, management, accounting, hospitality, law, information sciences and engineering. The focus on these areas has brought about a significant change to our graduates. Currently, 95 per cent of our graduates gained employment within six months of their graduation.

Of late we have witnessed a sizeable number of international students from the Middle East, Europe and South East Asia pursuing courses offered at MSU. Similarly, our International Student Exchange Programme (ISEP) has made it possible for our students and alumni to continue with the pursuit of their specialization studies at several universities in Europe, the USA, Australia and South East Asia.

As Malaysia’s best teaching and learning university, MSU gives priority to quality education and the importance of creative teaching methodologies towards producing quality graduates. Besides incorporating international exposure in the students learning experience, extensive industrial training components and personal enrichment competency are also blended into the programme of study to ensure the graduates employability.


Vision Statement

MSU aspires to be the leading global university of choice for specialized and professional education, providing holistic academic standards which are relevant to the needs of the industry and meeting global expectations whilst maintaining the highest ethical standards.

The Mission

MSU will strive:
To mould graduates of high moral values and distinction; committed to lifelong learning, leadership, integrity and professionalism, in response to the national and global needs.

To advance the boundaries of scholarship; by providing affordable educational opportunities, training and services, beyond the measure of expectations.

To produce graduates who are highly employable; by maintaining impeccable standards and quality in the curriculum, which is worthy of continued recognition, accreditation, certification and industry-relevant.

To uphold a culture of academic excellence; reflective of the highest standards of innovative teaching-learning approaches and strategies.

To be fully committed towards ensuring a high rate of student success; by providing an intellectually stimulating learning environment, that is conducive to support, nurture and advance teaching, learning and research at the university.

The MSU Logo – Its Rationale – The Colours: Red, Black and White

The red and black colours are specifically chosen to depict a bold and balanced growth of MSU. Red connotes radiance and the vibrancy of MSU’s role in education against the Black colour which denotes change and the challenges confronting it. The colour white, on the other hand, implies the purity and infinity of knowledge for all to discover at MSU.

The Hibiscus

The national flower, the Hibiscus, symbolically represents MSU as a university deeply rooted within rich Malaysian values. MSU’s steadfastness is depicted through the generous red and white petals whereas the largest white dot, the stigma, at the end of the upward-surge of the style depicts a globe, signifying the University’s readiness to be a regional and global institution of choice. MSU’s focus areas of Medicine, the Health Sciences, Business Management and Information Sciences & Engineering are metaphorically linked with the hibiscus.

The complete flower is seen as symbolizing life vis-avis the focus on Medicine and Health Sciences related disciplines. The ‘M’ shaped petals represent the management whereas the style relates to the information sciences and engineering disciplines offered through MSU. The ‘M’ shaped petals are also closely associated with the elements of love and care embedded within MSU and its community. The five petals are MSU’s five mission statements in its quest at nurturing leaders of tomorrow through quality education professed by means of innovative teaching and learning methodologies that ensure students’ success.

Faculty of Health and Life Sciences (FHLS)
Health Science encompass a multitude of preclinical courses which progress dynamically towards solving health, societal & environmental issues – locally and internationally. Practioners of this discipline are highly sought after by many clinical agencies – public or privately owned.

Faculty of Business Management and Professional Studies (FBMP)
In the fast-paced corporate world, the need for managers and executives to make good business decision are of paramount importance. It is therefore pertinent that students are trained in problem solving methodology right from the onset in oder to gain a competitive edge in their future career advancements.

Faculty of Information Sciences and Engineering (FISE)
Students have the option to select a specialisation of their choice. These programmes are specifically designed to provide students with wide knowledge of the most recent technological marvels. With the right principles, technical skills and soft skills injected into the programmes, students are geared to focus on the portion of the technological.

International Medical School
The Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) at MSU is a 5 years programme. The duration is divided into three phases with each phase varying in terms of length, subjects and activities involved. Among the subject areas that students will be exposed to throughout the three phases are human anatomy, human physiology.

School of Pharmacy
The Bachelor of Pharmacy degree is designed to provide graduates with the core skills and knowledge required for effective delivery of pharmaceutical care, pharmaceutical industry and the ability to proceed to research. The degree covers the study of the chemical, physical, pharmaceutical, and pharmacological properties.

School of Education and Social Sciences (SESS)
The School offers degree and diploma programmes covering the areas of Education and Social Sciences. SESS focuses on preparing graduates for careers in professional practice.

School of Hospitality and Creative Arts (SHCA)
The School of Hospitality and Creative Arts offers a broad range of programs with a strong practical and industry focus, in the area of hospitality and creative arts. The School boasts excellent student facilities, including an on-campus kitchen facilities, fashion hallway, travel agency and spa & beauty outlet.

School of Graduate Studies (MSc/PhD)
Welcome to the MSU School of Graduate Studies (SGS) webpage. MSU SGS offers advanced degrees at MSc and PhD levels covering the wide areas of health sciences, information and communication technology and business and management. PhD education focuses on training in original and independent scholarship, while master’s

Graduate School of Management (PhD/DBA/MBA)
MSU offer students an experiential learning in cross-cultural communications, the opportunity to build a global network and the possibility to create future international career opportunities. In addition, students will have the opportunities to develop management skills and techniques, to obtain strategic orientation

Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS)
Through the innovative university foundation programmes, students can have a head-start in the area of study that they wish to major in at the Bachelor degree level. The initial one year (three semesters) exposure in Medicine, Health Science, Business, Accounting, Information Technology or Engineering will provide students with a better state of preparedness and understanding before

Continuing and Extended Education Centre (CEDEC)
In line with MSU’s vision and mission, MSU Outreach will mobilize all resources of the University to address societal needs and to enrich the lives of its communities with quality community-inclusive programs whilst maintaining the highest ethical standards.

  • Library – An extensive collection of learning and reference materials are available, for students and staff alike to do their studies or research, that include monographer, books, magazines, journals, thesis, and student project, mainstream newspapers, past year examination questions. Web-based full-text online journals and electronic books are also available. Students can easily access, read, download, or print journal articles or books via the internet.
  • Computer Lab – A large number of computers are available to all students when they are not being used for scheduled classes. One is designated as “unscheduled” so that access is available for students between early morning till late evening. E-mail facilities are also available to make communication between staff and students more sufficient.
  • Sports and Recreation – The University and the city of Shah Alam offer a range of indoor and outdoor sporting facilities e.g. futsal centers, swimming pool, basketball, takraw, badminton, fishing lake and orienteering programmes.
  • Financial Advice – The University offers confidential financial counseling service to assist with advice on any type of financial difficulty, from basic budgeting to debt management. Specific advice is also available on educational scholarships and loans.
  • Campus Hostel
  • Islamic and Cultural Centre
  • Laboratory
  • U-Cafe
  • U-Shop
  • U-Print
  • U-Park
  • Open Theatre
  • Lecture Theatre
  • MSU Kids

Leadership & Entreprenuership Advancement Institute (LEAD)


To be the regional leading leadership and entrepreneurship development institution.


The prime objective of LEAD Institute is to lead, facilitate, promote and sustain the culture of entrepreneurship within MSU and the community that it supports locally and regionally through an integrated entrepreneurship eco-system.

Information Technology & Innovation Centre (ITIC)

The mission of the centre is to provide computing resources to the research units of the university. It also supports the development of high-speed computer technologies, promotes information exchange within MSU, both in Malaysia and internationally, using high-speed networks, and establishes and manages research databases based on expert knowledge. Areas of research include knowledge and learning management system, campus management system, management information systems, office computing, data communication infrastructure and ICT security.

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